Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co.

Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co

Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co. is a private owned company dedicated to buying and selling salvage grocery products at the best prices. We specialize in secondary market general merchandise, grocery and health and beauty care products procured from various trusted reclamation centers throughout the United States.

Our merchandise is made available to us and once we purchase them, we sell them at discount prices to discount stores throughout the east of the Mississippi River and surrounding areas.

Salvage items are reclaimed due to a number of reasons, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Label changes on the products
  • Swell
  • Shelf pull
  • Reset
  • Seasonal products
  • Damaged
  • Dated (close dated or outdated)
  • Overage
  •  Freight claims
  •  Closeouts
  • ​Overseas deals that did not push through
  • ​Others
We pay close attention to the quality of products and also make sure to follow-up with our customers to gain constant feedback on the merchandise they purchased from us. Our customers' feedback is important to us as it keeps us improving and finding ways to serve our clients better. We encourage open communication with all our clients because we are 100% committed to delivering total customer satisfaction. We believe that keeping our customers happy and satisfied with quality products at the best prices is the best and only way to do good business on a continuing basis. And since we're in this business for the long run, our focus is on building more and more long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers throughout the east of the Mississippi River and surrounding communities.

We understand that competition in the salvage merchandise business is brisk, but we do our best to stand out from the rest through superior personalized service that truly listens and provides customized solutions to our customers' precise needs. Our customers know that when they come to us here at Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co., they can rest assured that we'll provide them with the superior customer support that takes care of their concerns even before they pick up the phone to call us - we make it a point to be the ones to check up on them to follow-up on their experience with the goods they purchased from us.​
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