A Little About The Business

Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co. is a privately owned company which specializes in the buying and selling of secondary market grocery, hbc and general merchandise.

This merchandise, which is commonly known as salvage grocery, is obtained from reclamation centers throughout the continental United States. Merchandise of this nature becomes reclaimed for a number of reasons. Most of this product is sold in the form of banana box salvage, but not always, some case goods are also available. The product becomes reclaimed because of damage, dated (out-dated or close dated), shelf pull, reset, seasonal, overage, label changes, swell, over-seas deals gone bad, freight claims, closeouts and others.

The merchandise for offer is known as banana box salvage or discount grocery product throughout the network of brokers and end-users. Salvage is a commonly used term for any product that comes back from the store to the warehouse. Some product may be dented or dinged right along side product that is brand new and in date. Some loads may contain paper products or health and beauty care. (salvage hbc). Some loads may have salvage gm or general merchandise. Most loads sold are loads of national brand products but sometimes carry private label products as well. Closeouts can be added from time to time when a grocery chain goes through what is known as a reset faze. These reset programs are common in every grocery house in the USA. Re-set goes from department to department in stores all year long.

Competition is brisk in this business as in any business. We feel, that in order to stay on top of our game, we need to have our own quality control in place to make sure that our customers are getting the best merchandise for their money, we check on our customers to make sure they are satisfied with their purchases. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t wait for the phone to ring with a complaint, we check up.

Pricing for our merchandise ebbs and flows somewhat like the price of stocks. Supply and demand play a big part in the process, like any other marketable commodity, but there are other factors. PFS does not nor will not actively bid for any merchandise available at any time. We feel this process pushes the price up unrealistically which ultimately effects the profit and loss of the end users. We encourage all of our colleagues to do likewise. Our motto is-if you bid, you only bid against yourself. If we are offered any product from anywhere our answer will always be yes or no or we will make a counter offer, we do not bid.

PFS has in the past and will in the future have many contacts in the trucking industry, for an end user this can be a real bonus. Our trucking contacts not only provide the best available rates, but we also have ‘salvage haul specialists.’ What this means is we can provide the best transportation people who know who to haul the merchandise without spilling it over, or shifting it, which can cause damage. Our people are also well versed in the process of blind shipments when the occasion calls for it.

Our product comes from the reclaim warehouse directly to the end user customer, for the most part; there is never a reason to break bulk our merchandise. We never cherry pick product, we are not retailers. We can however offer warehousing temporarily if our customers feel a need.

Some product is sold by the box in this industry, where other product is manifested. No two grocery houses act alike. There are times when manifests come with the load and other times it can be emailed separately. Some product has no manifest at all. Call for more details.

PFS is in this business for the long haul, we didn’t start yesterday, and we are not quitting tomorrow. We enjoy our work, have many friends in the industry and hope to do bigger and better things as we go. Hope to hear from you soon.