Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co.

About The Business

Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co. is a private owned company dedicated to buying and selling salvage grocery products at the best prices. We specialize in secondary market general merchandise, grocery and health and beauty care products procured from various trusted reclamation centers throughout the United States.

Merchandise of this type are often labeled and sold as banana box salvage, but this is not always the case as some case goods are also available. The banana box salvage merchandise or discount grocery products on offer are usually products that are still in good condition but may contain minor imperfections.

Here at Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co., we take pride in the close attention to detail we put into our work in order to make sure that we acquire only the best quality products on offer so that our customers get the best value for their money. We understand the needs of our clients and we know that bargain products need not be low on quality. 

Clients who have been in the business for a while know and understand that prices of goods fluctuate from time to time, just like the stock market. Our prices are affected by supply and demand, just like any other commodity, along with other factors that affect pricing. However, regardless of the market condition or the rate of supply and demand, we at Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co. do our best to purchase goods from trusted reclamation centers at the best prices, so we too can pass them on to our loyal customers at very competitive prices.

With over 20 years of tried, tested, and proven excellent, reliable service, Piedmont Freight & Salvage Co. has built strong business relationships with a wide network of seasoned, well established contacts in the industry, so we get the best available rates on trucking services delivered by salvage haul specialists who can be relied upon to deliver expert handling and hauling of merchandise without causing damages, spills, and others. when the occasion calls for it, we are also very well versed with blind shipments.

Here at PFS, we make it a point not to actively bid for any type of merchandise at any time. We believe that bidding can cause prices to rise to unrealistic levels which can adversely affect our and our customers' business, so we encourage every one of our colleagues in the industry to do the same.